Table of contents ADM - Volume 11 (2011) Number 1
    H. Ansari-Toroghy,
D. Hassanzadeh-
On the prime spectrum of top modules

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  S. P. Bhatta,
Sh. George
Some fixed point theorems for pseudo ordered sets full text in
  W. Cortes On partial skew Armendariz rings full text in
  J. Gildea,
F. Monaghan
Units of some group algebras of groups of order 12 over any finite field of characteristic 3 full text in
  H. Inankil,
S. Halıcıoglu,
A. Harmanci
A generalization of supplemented modules full text in
  V. V. Kirichenko,
L. A. Kurdachenko,
I. Ya. Subbotin
Some related to pronormality subgroup families and the properties of a group full text in
  B. Piekart,
A. Walendziak
On filters and upper sets in CI-algebras full text in
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