Table of contents ADM - Volume 18 (2014) Number 2
    O. D. Artemovych,
K. Kular
On the Lie ring of derivations of a semiprime ring

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  V. M. Bondarenko On types of local deformations of quadratic forms full text in
  G. Chiaselotti,
T. Gentile,
P. A. Oliverio
Lattices of partial sums full text in
  M. A. Dokuchaev,
M. V. Kasyanuk,
M. A. Khibina,
V. V. Kirichenko
Exponent matrices and Frobenius rings full text in
  B. L. M. Ferreira,
H. Guzzo Jr.,
J. C. M. Ferreira
Additivity of Jordan elementary maps on standard rings full text in
  S. Gupta,
S. K. Sardar
Morita equivalence for partially ordered monoids and po-$\Gamma$-semigroups wit unities full text in
  V. H. Mikaelian A geometrical interpretation of infinite wreath powers full text in
  G. Nebe,
A. Schäfer
A nilpotent non abelian group code full text in
  N. Pipattanajinda,
U. Knauer,
B. Gyurov,
S. Panma
The endomorphisms monoids of graphs of order n with a minimum degree n − 3 full text in
  R. Popovych On elements of high order in general finite fields full text in
  Y. Venkatakrishnan,
V. Swaminathan
Colour class domination numbers of some classes of graphs full text in
  Yul. V. Zhuchok On one class of algebras full text in
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