Table of contents ADM - Volume 9 (2010) Number 2
    M. G. C. Andrade,
E. L. C. Fanti
A note about splittings of groups and commensurability under a cohomological point of view

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  E. Barreiro Odd-quadratic Malcev superalgebras full text in
  L. Cangelmi,
A. S. Muktibodh
Camina groups with few conjugacy classes full text in
  S. Favorov,
Ye. Kolbasina
Perturbations of discrete lattices and almost periodic sets full text in
  A. I. Kashu Preradicals and characteristic submodules: connections and operations full text in
  N. Khripchenko Automorphisms of finitary incidence rings full text in
  Yu. I. Kulazhenko Semi-commutativity criteria and self-coincidence elements expressed by vectors properties of n-ary groups full text in
  Ie. Lutsenko   Thin systems of generators of groups full text in
  A. Umar Some combinatorial problems in the theory of symmetric inverse semigroups full text in
  A. Wlodarska Biserial minor degenerations of matrix algebras over a field full text in
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