Table of contents ADM - Volume 19 (2015) Number 2
    H. Asashiba,
M. Kimura
Derived equivalence classification of generalized multifold extensions of piecewise hereditary algebras of tree

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  P. Catarino,
P. M. Higgins,
I. Levi
On inverse subsemigroups of the semigroup of orientation-preserving or orientation-reversing transformations full text in
  T. Guedenon Projectivity and flatness over the graded ring of normalizing elements full text in
  R. R. Kamalian On one-sided interval edge colorings of biregular bipartite graphs full text in
  F. Karimi On the cotypeset of torsion-free abelian groups full text in
  D. S. Kim Recursive formulas generating power moments of multi-dimensional Kloosterman sums and m-multiple power
moments of Kloosterman sums
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  R. M. S. Mahmood On fibers and accessibility of groups acting on trees with inversions full text in
  P. Chella Pandian,
C. Durairajan
On various parameters of Zq-simplex codes for an even integer q full text in
  O. V. Petrenko,
I. V. Protasov
Ultrafilters on G-spaces full text in
  N. Su,
Y. Wang
On c-normal and hypercentrally embeded subgroups of finite groups full text in
  B. Ungor,
Y. Kurtulmaz,
S. Halicioglu,
A. Harmanci
Symmetric modules over their endomorphism rings full text in
  B. Zabavsky,
A. Gatalevych
A commutative Bezout PM* domain is an elementary divisor ring full text in
  D. Zhuravlev Towards practical private information retrieval from homomorphic encryption full text in