Table of contents ADM - Volume 17 (2014) Number 1
    C. Abdioglu,
S. ¸Sahinkaya,
Rigid, quasi-rigid and matrix rings with (σ, 0)-multiplication

full text in

  V. M. Bondarenko,
A. A. Tylyshchak,
M. V. Stoika
On the equivalence of matrices over commutative rings modulo ideals full text in
  N. Davis,
M. Elder,
L. Reeves
Non-contracting groups generated by (3,2)-automata full text in
  M. Gasiorek,
D. Simson,
K. Zajac
Algorithmic computation of principal posets using Maple and Python full text in
  Yu. I. Kulazhenko Semiabelian and self-returning of points of n-ary groups full text in
  A. Paques,
T. Tamusiunas
A Galois-Grothendieck-type correspondence for groupoid actions full text in
  I. Protasov,
S. Slobodianiuk
On the subset combinatorics of G-spaces full text in
  A. Umar Some combinatorial problems in the theory of partial transformation semigroups full text in
  V. Yegnanarayanan Chromatic number of graphs with special distance sets, I full text in
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