Table of contents ADM - Volume 16 (2013) Number 2
    M. Babych,
V. M. Bondarenko,
Yu. Drozd,
V. Kirichenko,
I. Shapochka
Petro Mykhailovych Gudivok

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  C. Bekh-Ochir,
S. A. Rankin
A maximal T-space of F3[x]0 full text in
  V. M. Bondarenko,
M. Yu. Bortos,
R. F. Dinis,
A. A. Tylyshchak
Reducibility and irreducibility of monomial matrices over commutative rings full text in
  O. Gnatiuk,
N. Golovaschuk
Differential graded categories associated with the critical semi-definite quadratic
full text in
  A. Kukharev,
G. Puninski
Serial group rings of finite groups. p-solvability full text in
  L. A. Kurdachenko,
A. V. Sadovnichenko
On some linear groups, having a big family of G-invariant subspaces full text in
  Yu. Maturin Form of filters of semisimple modules and direct sums full text in
  V. S. Monakhov,
D. V. Gritsuk
On derived π-length of a finite π-solvable group with supersolvable π-Hall subgroup full text in
  A. Polak,
D. Simson
Algorithms computing O(n, Z)-orbits of P-critical edge-bipartite graphs and
P-critical unit forms using Maple and C#
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  M. Shahryari Relative symmetric polynomials and money change problem full text in
  A. A. Talebi,
N. Mehdipoor
Classifying cubic s-regular graphs of orders 22p and 22p^2 full text in
  A. V. Zhuchok Free n-nilpotent dimonoids full text in
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