Leonid Aleksandrovich Shemetkov

Ukrainian algebraists with keen sorrow have learned about the death of our colleague, a prominent algebraist and a tremendously efficient science manager of the Republic of Belarus Leonid Aleksandrovich Shemetkov.

Leonid A. Shemetkov's entire life was devoted to research and teaching. He was one of the founders of Gomel Algebra School which he had headed for 40 years. For many years, he worked as the President of Francisk Skorina Gomel State University. His excellent achievements were highly praised by his colleagues and the Government: He was elected a Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and he was awarded with the honored title of Distinguished Scientist of Belarus. More than 30 PhD theses had been developed and defended under his supervision; there are 10 Doctors of Sciences among his students. L.A. Shemetkov was one of the founders of formation theory and one of the world leaders of modern finite group theory. His outstanding contribution into the development of contemporary finite group theory, Lie algebras, and some other branches of algebra is difficult to overestimate. L.A. Shemetkov's and his followers' results are highly appreciated by international mathematics community. Thus L.A. Shemetkov and his school maintained tight relations with Ukrainian algebraists. His ideas and direct communications with him have helped to shape some productive approaches to study of infinite groups and modules.

L.A. Shemetkov will stay in our memory as a brilliant mathematician, a very nice person, and a role model for young mathematicians and colleagues.

We extend our sincere condolences to the family, relatives, friends, and the faculty of the School of Mathematics of Francisk Skorina Gomel State University.

We cherish the memory of Leonid Aleksandrovich, and we shall always remember him. May he rest in peace.

Bezushchak O.O., Bodnarchuk Yu.V., Bondarenko V. M.,
Bondarenko Ye.V., Chernikov N.S., Drozd Yu.A.,
Golovashchuk N.S., Kirichenko V.V., Kurdachenko L.A.,
Lavrenyuk Ya.V., Lyman F.M., Lyubashenko V.V.,
Monakhov V. S., Oliynyk A.S., Oliynyk B.V.,
Ovsienko S.A., Petravchuk A.P., Selkin M. V.,
Semenchuk V. N., Semko M.M., Skiba A.N.,
Subbotin I. Ya., Sushchanskiy V.I., Sysak Ya.P.,
Vasil'ev A. F., Vorob'ev N. T.

  Table of contents ADM - Volume 15 (2013) Number 2
    A. N. Skiba,
V. S. Monakhov,
M. V. Selkin,
N. T. Vorob’ev,
V. N. Semenchuk,
A. F. Vasil’ev
Leonid Shemetkov. His entire life devotion

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  V. V. Kirichenko,
L. A. Kurdachenko,
A. A. Pypka,
I. Ya. Subbotin
On Baer-Shemetkov’s decomposition in modules and related topics full text in
  M. Aliabadi,
M. R. Darafsheh
On maximal and minimal linear matching property full text in
  Yu. Drozd,
V. Zembyk
Representations of nodal algebras of type A full text in
  H. Godinho,
A. Lemos,
D. Marques
Weighted zero-sum problems over C_3^r full text in
  A. I. Kashu Closure operators in the categories of modules. Part I (Weakly hereditary and idempotent operators) full text in
  B. Oliynyk The diagonal limits of Hamming spaces full text in
  S. D. Scott The p–gen nature of M0(V ) (I) full text in
  N. N. Semko (Jr.) Groups with many pronormal and transitively normal subgroups full text in
  T. Yokoyama On the relation between completeness and H-closedness of pospaces without infinite antichains full text in
  A. V. Zhuchok Free (ℓr, rr)-dibands full text in
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