This is a Special issue
of our journal devoted
to the 75th anniversary
of the birth of
Andrey Roiter

  Table of contents ADM - Volume 14 (2012) Number 2
    Andrei Vladimirovich Roiter. To the 75th anniversary full text in
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    M. Asaad,
P. Csorgo
OCharacterization of finite groups with some S-quasinormal subgroups of fixed order

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  V. Bondarenko,
O. Tertychna
On 0-semisimplicity of linear hulls of generators for semigroups generated by idempotents full text in
  I. Grunsky,
I. Mikhaylova,
S. Sapunov
Domination on the vertices of labeled graphs full text in
  M. Horak,
A. Johnson,
A. Stonesifer
Word length in symmetrized presentations of Thompson’s group F full text in
  S. A. Kruglyak,
I. V. Livinsky
Orthoscalar representations of the partially ordered set (N, 4) full text in
  T. Kysil,
B. Zabavskiy,
O. Domsha
Reduction of matrices over Bezout domains of stable range 1 with
Dubrovin’s condition in which maximal nonprincipal ideals are two-sides
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  A. I. Lichtman The first theorem of Andrey Roiter full text in
  A. Piggott The symmetries of McCullough-Miller space full text in
I. V. Protasov,
S. Slobodianiuk
Prethick subsets in partitions of groups full text in
L. E. Ramirez Combinatorics of irreducible Gelfand-Tsetlin sl(3)-modules full text in
C. M. Ringel,
B.-L. Xiong
On radical square zero rings full text in
A.P. Santhakumaran,
S.V. Ullas Chandran
The detour hull number of a graph full text in
V. Zhuravlev,
D. Zhuravlyov
Projective resolution of irreducible modules over tiled order full text in
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