This edition
is a continuation
of ADM Vol. 13, N. 2 -
the Special issue of our journal devoted
to the 100th anniversary of the birth
of Sergei Nikolaevich Chernikov

  Table of contents ADM - Volume 14 (2012) Number 1
    B. Plotkin   Sergei Nikolaevich Chernikov. Memoirs full text in
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    C. Acciarri,
P. Shumyatsky
On verbal subgroups in finite and profinite groups

full text in

  O. Belegradek Local embeddability full text in
  V. M. Bondarenko,
I. V. Lytvynchuk
The representation type of elementary abelian p-groups with respect to the modules of constant Jordan type full text in
  O. Yu. Dashkova On locally soluble AFN-groups full text in
  V. Drensky,
¸S. Fındık
Inner automorphisms of Lie algebras related with generic 2 × 2 matrices full text in
  P. Jasionowski Matrix characterization of symmetry groups of boolean functions full text in
  L.A. Kurdachenko,
N.N. Semko (Jr.),
I.Ya. Subbotin
Groups with many pronormal and transitively normal subgroups full text in
  V. Monakhov,
A. Trofimuk
Invariants of finite solvable groups full text in
A. N. Skiba On the F-hypercentre of a finite group full text in
Yu. Zhykharyeva,
M. Pratsiovytyi
Expansions of numbers in positive L¨uroth series and their applications to metric, probabilistic and fractal theories of numbers full text in
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