Special issue
dedicated to the memory of Professor D. I . Zaitsev
In the spring of 2012, the 70th birthday of Dmitriy I. Zaitsev (1942-1990) will come. D.I Zaitsev did not live two years to his 50th birthday, but his life in mathematics will be long. His main interests were very wide; they spread over all areas of modern group theory. His work greatly influenced the development of the infinite group theory. Many of his results have already become classical and have been included in monographs and surveys. The methods developed by him found numerous followers who have successfully applied them.
Dmitriy Ivanovich Zaitsev was born on March 10, 1942 in the town of Ivanovka in Fedorovsky district of Saratov region. In 1959, he graduated from the secondary school ¹82 in the city of Perm and began studies at the School of Agriculture Engineering of the Perm Agriculture Institute. At that time, the department of Algebra at the Perm State University was headed by Sergey N. Chernikov, who also taught mathematics courses in the Perm Agriculture Institute. The talented student attracted Professor Chernikov's attention. He advised Dmitriy to transfer to the School of Mechanics and Mathematics of the Perm University. Zaitsev got transferred in 1960, and in 1964 he graduated with high honors. After the graduation, he was conscripted in the military service. In 1965, Siberian Mathematical Journal published the first paper of D. I. Zaitsev on group theory. After coming back from the military service, D.I. Zaitsev returned to his mathematical career. During this time, S.N. Chernikov moved to Kiev, where he headed the Department of Algebra at the Institute of Mathematics in the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. D.I. Zaitsev was enrolled in the Ph.D program at that department. From this moment, his entire mathematical career was associated with the Institute of Mathematics of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Here he earned a doctor's degree.

Dr. Zaitsev was not only a remarkable mathematician, but he also did a great service for the institute's community. Being a friendly and caring person, he was always ready to help other students of S.N. Chernikov. His ideas greatly influenced the research interest of many of them. Some of them even consider D.I Zatsev their 'second mentor'.

Dr. Zaitsev always was able to identify the key points of a problem; his advice and support were generous and helpful. Everyone who sought for his expertise all the time received an encouraging and adequate response. Until the last days of his life, D.I Zaitsev worked intensely with his colleagues and graduate students on some important problems of modern algebra. He died in the prime of his life, at the height of his brilliant mathematical career.

Yu. A. Drozd, V. V. Kirichenko,
L. A. Kurdachenko, F. M. Lyman,
M. O. Perestyuk, A. M. Samoilenko,
M. M. Semko, I. Ya. Subbotin,
V. I. Sushchansky, V. V. Sharko

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    H. Albuquerque,
F. Panaite
Some (Hopf) algebraic properties of circulant matrices

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  Kh. A. Al-Sharo,
O. Shemetkova,
Xiaolan Yi
On S-quasinormally embedded subgroups of finite groups full text in
  T. Banakh,
V. Gavrylkiv
Algebra in superextensions of semilattices full text in
  I. Dudchenko,
M. Plakhotnyk
A linear algorithm of checking of the graph connectness full text in
  M. Ghasemi Automorphism groups of tetravalent Cayley graphs on minimal non-abelian groups full text in
  V. V. Kirichenko,
L. A. Kurdachenko,
J. Otal,
I. Ya. Subbotin
On the contribution of D.I. Zaitsev to the Theory of Infinite Groups full text in
  L. A. Kurdachenko,
K. O. Grin,
N. A. Turbay
On hypercentral fyzzy groups full text in
  I. Protasov Partitions of groups into sparse subsets full text in
  I. Yu. Raievska,
Ya. P. Sysak
Finite local nearrings on metacyclic Miller-Moreno p-groups full text in
  A. P. Santhakumaran,
S. Athisayanathan
The upper edge-to-vertex detour number of a graph full text in
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