Table of contents ADM - Volume 12 (2011) Number 2
Derivations and relaGeneralized multiplicative bases for one-sided bimodule problems

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  V. K. Bhat On Pseudo-valuation rings and their extensions full text in
  V. M. Bondarenko Minimax isomorphism algorithm and primitive posets full text in
  I. Chuchman On a semigroup of closed connected partial homeomorphisms of the unit interval with a fixed point full text in
  W. Cortes,
M. Ferrero,
L. Gobbi
Quasi-duo Partial skew polynomial rings full text in
  O. Ganyushkin,
I. Livinsky
Length of the inverse symmetric semigroup full text in
  G. Kafkas,
B. Ungor,
S. Halicioglu,
A. Harmanci
Generalized symmetric rings full text in
  Yu. Leshchenko Fully invariant subgroups of an infinitely iterated wreath product full text in
  A. M. Romaniv Monic divisors of polynomial matrices over infinite field full text in
  V. P. Shchedryk On the one-side equivalence of matrices with given canonical diagonal form full text in
  A. V. Zhuchok Free normal dibands full text in
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