Table of contents ADM - Volume 12 (2011) Number 1
    N. D. Gilbert Derivations and relation modules for inverse semigroups

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  Ch. Li The influence of weakly s-permutably embedded subgroups on the p-nilpotency of finite groups full text in
  R. A. Martins Free field realizations of certain modules for affine Lie algebra sl(n,C) full text in
  J. Meksawang,
S. Panma,
U. Knauer
Characterization of finite simple semigroup digraphs full text in
  A. Moura,
F. Pereira
Graded limits of minimal affinizations and beyond: the multiplicity free case for type E6 full text in
  Y. Talebi,
A. R. Moniri
D. Keskin
H-supplemented modules with respect to a preradical full text in
  B. Zabavsky,
O. Domsha
Diagonalizability theorem for matrices over certain domains full text in
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