Table of contents ADM - Volume 11 (2011) Number 2
    R. E. Atani,
Sh. E. Atani
On primarily multiplication modules over pullback rings

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  V. Chaynikov On the generators of the kernels of hyperbolic group presentations full text in
  M. Dokuchaev,
B. Novikov,
G. Zholtkevych
Partial actions and automata full text in
  D. Freitas,
A. Paques
On partial Galois Azumaya extensions full text in
  I. Protasov Partitions of groups into thin subsets full text in
  O. Savastru,
S. Varbanets
Norm Kloosterman sums over Z[i] full text in
  A. V. Zhuchok Free rectangular dibands and free dimonoids full text in
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