Table of contents ADM - Volume 10 (2010) Number 2
    E. Büyükaşık Modules whose maximal submodules have $\tau$-supplements

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  H. Çalışıcı,
E. Türkmen
Generalized $\oplus$-supplemented modules full text in
  V. Dabbaghian A sequence of factorizable subgroups full text in
  R. P. Dario,
A. J. Engler
2-Galois groups and the Kaplansky radical full text in
  O. Yu. Dashkova On modules over group rings of soluble groups with commutative ring of scalars full text in
  L. A. Dupont,
R. H. Villarreal
Symbolic Rees algebras, vertex covers and irreducible representations of Rees cones full text in
  S. Ikehata On separable and H-separable polynomials in skew polynomial rings of several variables full text in
  A. Oliynyk   Free semigroups in wreath powers of transformation semigroups full text in
  J. Žemlička Steadiness of polynomial rings full text in
  P. A. Zhiznevsky On $\tau$-closed $n$-multiply $\omega$-composition formations with Boolean sublattices full text in
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