This is a special issue dedicated to Professor Miguel Ferrero's 70th birthday, containing the proceedings of a meeting on Ring Theory held on his behalf, from September 25th to 28th, 2008, in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Prof. Ferrero certainly deserves recognition for his academic life as professor and researcher in mathematics.

He was born on September 14th, 1938 in Canada Rosquin, in the Province of Santa Fe, Argentina. He obtained his PhD degree in 1970 under the supervision of Orlando Villamayor at Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Miguel Ferrero teaches mathematics since 1959, first at the Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina (1959 - 1976), then at the Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp), Brazil (1976) and finally at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Ufrgs), Brazil, since 1977. He developed a very nice school in Algebra in Brazil, in particular he supervised ten Master Degree students and ten PhD students.

Miguel Ferrero has published more than 78 scientific articles and his research interests include such topics as Galois theory, theory of radicals, ring extensions, polynomial and skew polynomial rings, partial group actions on rings and several other related subjects. We warmly congratulate our great friend Miguel Ferrero on this occasion and wish him good health and much success in his life.


Guest Editors for this volume:
Michael Dokuchaev,
Francisco Cesar Polcino Milies,
Antonio Paques,
Alveri Alves Sant'Ana

  Table of contents ADM - Number 3 (2009)
    M. M. S. Alves,
E. Batista
Partial Hopf actions, partial invariants and
a Morita context
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  D. Bagio,
A. Paques
A variant of the primitive element theorem
for separable extensions of a commutative
full text in | pdf | ps |
  F. S. Dutra,
R. A. Ferraz,
C. Polcino Milies
Semisimple group codes and dihedral codes
full text in | pdf | ps |
  J. Guzm´an,
J. Lazzarin
A Morita context related to finite groups
acting partially on a ring
full text in | pdf | ps |
  O. S. Juriaans,
D. M. Raphael
A new characterization of groups with
central chief factors
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  P. Koshlukov,
A. Krasilnikov,
E. A. Silva
The central polynomials for the finite
dimensional Grassmann algebras

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  I .N. Nakaoka,
N. R. Rocco
A note on semidirect products and
nonabelian tensor products of groups

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  V. Rodrigues,
A. Sant’Ana
A note on a problem due to Zelmanowitz
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  I. Shestakov On speciality of Jordan brackets
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  all abstracts in | pdf | ps |