International Algebraic
Conference in Ukraine

This volume consists of papers presented at the IV International Algebraic Conference in Ukraine, which took place in Lviv (Lemborg) on August 4--9, 2003. Such conferences started in 1997. The previous three conferences were held in Slovyansk, Vinnytsa and Sumy. The IV Conference was organised by Lviv Ivan Franko University, Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University and Yaroslav Pidstrygach Institute of Applied Problems of Mechanics and Mathematics (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine). The Local Organising Committee consisted of Y. Prytula (Chairman), V.Andriychuk, O. Artemovych, T. Banach, M.Zarichny, M. Zabolotsky, V.Zelisko, V. Kyrylych, M. Komarnytskyj, R. Kushnir, V. Petrychkovych. The Program Committee consisted of the leading scientists from 8 countries.

More than 140 mathematicians from 21 countries took part at this conference and presented 25 plenary talks and 80 talks at 5 sections: ``Algebraic Geometry, Number Theory and Topological Algebra'' (18 talks), ``Algebraic Systems, Model Theory and Applied Algebra'' (18 talks) ``Representation Theory and Linear Algebra'' (17 talks), ``Rings and Modules'' (14 talks), ``Group Theory'' (13 talks). Among them were such prominent scientists as M. C. R. Butler (Liverpool), P. Gudivok (Uzhgorod), V. Dlab (Ottawa), E. Hrushovski (Jerusalem), V. Kirichenko (Kyiv), A.Kashu (Chisinau), Z. Marciniak (Warsaw), Y. Olshanskii (Moscow), I. Ponizovskiy (Sankt Peterburg), V. Yanchevskii (Minsk), M. Zarichny (Lviv), A. Zhuk (Lyon) and many others. During the opening ceremony The Chairman of the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics Y. Prytula made an interesting survey about the history of mathematical research in Lviv. The participants had an opportunity to go sightseeing for the wonderful historical city of Lviv and its environments.

The next, V International Algebraic Conference in Ukraine will take place in 2005 in Odessa, a well-known city at the Black See.

Yuriy A. Drozd
Chairman of the Program Committee
  Table of contents ADM - Number 1 (2004)
    D. Bazyleu,
S. Tikhonov,
V. Yanchevski˘
Conic bundles over real formal power series
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  V. M. Bondarenko,
A. M. Polishchuk
Minimax sums of posets and the quadratic
Tits form
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  X. Chen Root vectors of the composition algebra of
the Kronecker algebra
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  Yu. A. Drozd Derived tame and derived wild algebras full text in | pdf | ps |
  J. Krempa On lattices, modules and groups with
many uniform elements
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  W. Rump Categories of lattices, and their global
structure in terms of almost split sequences

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  I. Shestakov,
N. Zhukavets
On associative algebras satisfying the
identity x5 = 0

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  G. Y. Tsyaputa Green’s relations on the deformed
transformation semigroups

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