The aim of the journal “Algebra and Discrete Mathematics” (as ADM below) is to present timely the state-of-the-art accounts on modern research in all areas of algebra (general algebra, semigroups, groups, rings and modules, linear algebra, algebraic geometry, universal algebras, homological algebra etc.) and discrete mathematics (combinatorial analysis, graphs theory, mathematical logic, theory of automata, coding theory, cryptography etc.)


Papers to be considered for publication in the ADM journal must be written in English.

Preparing papers:

Papers submitted to the ADM journal should be prepared in LaTeX. Authors are strongly encourages to prepare their papers using the ADM author package containing template, instructions, and ADM journal document class.

Graphical items should be prepared as eps (encapsulated PostScript) files and included by using the graphicx package. To avoid distortion from rescaling, figures must not be wider than 120 mm.

Submitting papers:

Authors who wish to submit their papers should use the submission system at our new site Please attach the source TeX-file of the paper as the main file and the PDF as a supplementary file during the submission.

Submission of a manuscript implies that the work described has not been published before and that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Required information:

The following information is required with the submission (note that all contact information, particularly email addresses, must be supplied to avoid delay):

1. full postal address of each author;

2. e-mail of each author;

3. abstract (no more than 15 lines);

4. 2010 Mathematics subject classification (can be accessible from;

5. key words and phrases.


Authors receive only one set of proof-sheets in PDF format via e-mail for corrections. Only correction of misprints and minor changes can be made during proofreading.